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Percy Street Decorates For The Holidays With A Recycled Beer Can Christmas Tree

Percy Street decorates for the holidays with their creative, beer-focused take on the Christmas Tree. Photo courtesy: Percy Street

As if we couldn’t love Percy Street more (their smoked brisket is hard to beat!), they went ahead and created one of the more (ahem) beautiful Christmas Tree’s we’ve seen in a long time.

Their recyclable beer can tree was created from 400 cans of beer and took more than 12 hours to construct. Aside from being well known for their expertly smoked Texas-style barbeque, Percy Street also has one of the city’s best beer lists. Over 60 domestic beers are available, all of which are in cans.

Most of the cans used on the tree are from Percy Street’s Six Pack Program, where guests select five beers and the sixth can is on the house.

The beers are served in custom galvanized steel buckets, which for the purpose of their beer can tree, serves as an appropriate tree-topper.

You can celebrate the holidays at Percy Street by letting them host your party, or purchasing a gift certificate. For more info, check out their website.

Percy Street Barbecue
900 South Street

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