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Dine Local: Lauren St. Clair Lynch Dishes on the Local Sourcing at Amada

photo courtesy of the Garces Restaurant Group

Here at Philly Homegrown, we’re committed to getting local food into your belly, whether you cook it yourself or you order it up at an area restaurant. In the hopes of highlighting some of the menus that are rife with homegrown ingredients, we’ve partnered with a series of Philly bloggers and have sent them out into the field, to report back on some of those locally sourced dishes.

Lauren St. Clair Lynch, our very first guest blogger, is back with a report from another local dining experience. During a recent meal at Amada, chef de cuisine MacGregor Mann gave her a few minutes of his time to talk about their sourcing.

During the summer, we source as much locally as possible. I go to the farmers markets at Headhouse Square and the Piazza for our bell peppers and Spanish onions, and the chicken comes from an Amish farm in Lancaster. And it does taste better. The produce is fresher because it hasn’t had to travel as far, and the meat has a lighter, fresher taste as well.

The chicken in Amada’s valenciana paella is from D’Artagnan, which sources their chickens from small Amish and Mennonite farms all over PA Dutch country. The chickens are raised in a low-volume, truly free range environment, where each is guaranteed to receive lots of sunshine, freedom, and only organic feed. And it’s true, happy chickens are tasty chickens. See for yourself.

For more from her conversation with Chef Mann, check out Lauren’s blog.

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