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You Can Now Find Philly Homegrown on Foodspotting!

Earlier today, our sister site UWISHUNU, made a very exciting announcement. We’ve partnered with Foodspotting to create a series of Philly food guides. The goal of Foodspotting is to help people discover amazing things to eat dish by dish. Users recommend their favorite dishes and drinks by taking photos of the items and sharing them with the community via the Foodspotting website or smartphone app. They can bookmark foods they want to try, endorse their favorite foods by giving them a blue ribbon or a “nom,” gain points and expert titles, follow other users and guides and earn badges by “spotting” food items.

Included on Visit Philly’s official Foodspotting page are three Philly Homegrown guides, intended to walk you through some of the best local eats we know. Particularly perfect for this time of year is the Farmers’ Market guide. Discover local cheese, coffee, produce, pies, pretzels and more with the help of this guide!

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