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Winter CSAs Begin Soon, Reserve Your Spot Today

Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC

Excited for the winter but not ready to be without fresh, local produce? Have no fear; sign-ups for Winter CSAs are coming soon!

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, allows consumers to buy directly from regional farmers. Similar to a subscription, consumers receive a “share” of produce on a regular schedule (typically weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly) via pick-up or delivery. Generally, full and half shares of produce are available for pre-purchase before each farming season. CSAs aren’t restricted only to produce however—local farms also offer additional shares that can include a selection of proteins, dairy and baked goods.

While you’re sitting cozily by the fire this winter, you can ponder dinner preparations with your weekly share of produce. Perhaps a hearty meat and veggie stew laden with sweet summer corn and crunchy carrots–or a nourishing Borscht with fresh cabbage and beets? Produce bountiful during the winter season include beets, bok choy, cabbage, kale, potatoes, radishes, squash and much more, leaving plenty of options for wholesome home cooked meals.

And, we’ve just learned of an interesting new CSA, Winter Sun Farms, which offers shares of summer-fresh vegetables from regional farms frozen at the peak of their harvest. Pick-up locations are conveniently located in Center City and in Philadelphia’s surrounding areas.

Check out our complete list of local farms that offer CSAs for this upcoming winter. Sign-ups begin shortly and shares are limited. It’s never too early to hunker down for the winter!

Available Winter CSAs:

Crawford Organics
Green Pasture Farms
Greensgrow Farms
Jack’s Farm
Lancaster Farm Fresh
Pennypack Farm
Philadelphia Winter Harvest
Sweet Stem Farm
Winter Sun Farms

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