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Two Great Culinary Workshops at Greensgrow Farm

Looking to add to your toolbox of culinary skills? Greensgrow is offering two classes in June that might just float your boat.

On June 11, they’ll be hosting a Texas-style BBQ class that features foods that can be made right in the kitchen, no grills, smokers or backyard space necessary to cook these dishes up. The class will be taught by chef Alyssa Moles and will be held at 2 p.m. in the Greensgrow community kitchen. Cost is $35 per person.

On Saturday, June 25, it’s time to getting canning! SJ, of Barbuzzo and Greensgrow fame will walk you through the basics of canning and other preservation techniques. The $30 admission fee includes a case of jars to put up your own goodies for winter. And if you can’t make this class, know that there are other canning classes around town that would be delighted to have you!

To sign up for either class, get in touch at kitchen@greensgrow.org.

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