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Support Access To Fresh, Healthy Food in West Philadelphia, October 21

West Phillie Produce, a start-up vegetable stand and grocery, is in danger of having to close it's doors. Join the Enterprise Center on October 21st for a "Carrot Mob" to help keep West Phillie Produce's doors open. Photo: The Enterprise Center

Arnett Woodall dreamed of opening his own fresh fruit and vegetable stand that would provide access to quality food to his West Philadelphia neighbors. His dream became a reality in 2009 when he engaged his community, and sought grant funding to turn a vacant lot at 62nd and Ludlow Streets into a beacon of healthy food for his community.

However, Woodall’s dreams are in danger of being lost. Despite his never-ending quest to change his community’s eating habits by providing access to healthy foods, Woodall has yet to convince many of his neighbors to shop at his store.

To support Woodall and his store, The Enterprise Center (who helped Woodall open in 2009), will lead a Carrot Mob, to Woodall’s West Philadelphia neighborhood. Carrot Mobs, often referred to as the anti-boycott, encourage consumers to spend their dollars at businesses that support a certain social agenda. In this case, access to fresh, healthy foods in a neighborhood with few options.

The proceeds from the event will enable Woodall to expand his business model and provide fruit salads and fresh produce to other local stores with help from The Food Trust and their Healthy Corner Store Initiative. The event will also support an effort by The Merchants Fund to purchase a commercial juicer and increase West Phillie Produce’s healthy offerings.

To join in the Carrot Mob, all you need to do is shop at West Phillie Produce on Friday, October 21st, 4-7PM. So, put your money where your values are, and help keep access to fresh, healthy foods in West Philadelphia.

Where: West Phillie Produce, 62nd and Ludlow Street
When: Friday, October 21st, 4-7PM
Cost: pay-as-you-go

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