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Restaurant Week Q&A Series with Philadelphia’s Finest Chefs

Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

We hope you’ve had a flavorful journey through some of Center City’s best restaurants during this year’s Center City District Restaurant Week! And to extend the fun a little longer, we wanted to bring you a round-up of chef interviews conducted by our sister site, uwishunu.

Check out the Restaurant Week Q&A series for their complete answers, but as a quick snap shot, here’s how our great chef’s answered the question ‘What’s your favorite local ingredients to cook with?”:

Chef Caspi: The amazing fresh peaches. We use them in our house salad and I also make a vinaigrette with them.

Chef Perrier: Kennett Square mushrooms.

Chef Tellez: My favorite local ingredients are the peppers, the mushrooms and tomatoes we’ve been getting from the garden and other local sources. The dish I like to make this time of year is the Roasted Vegetable Lasagna.

Chef Turney: My favorite local ingredient to use in the kitchen are tomatoes. We have so many varieties of local tomatoes on all three of our Restaurant Week menus: Barbuzzo has sungolds with the pan seared gnocchi; Bindi has a mix of heirloom tomatoes in the tomato-ginger chutney with the parsi chicken liver mousse; and Lolita has crazy amounts from fresh salsas to the house smoked tomato “crying salsa” on the murrays chicken breast a la parilla.

Chef Coll: Right now we are using only local ingredients that are all being sourced by me from Chester and Lancaster counties. I am also growing all of the restaurant’s tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes and sweet white corn and white peaches are probably all of my favorite things right [now] to use. And I have been getting great heirloom watermelons from an Amish farm near my house.

Chef Stern: It’s hard to choose a favorite dish, as everyone’s preferences change with time or the weather or just what you’re craving right then. Fortunately there is enough variety, and so much available to us, that we are able to offer a range of tastes and flavors.

Featured Q&As:
Chef Daniel Stern of R2L
Chef Anne Coll of Meritage Restaurant & Wine Bar
Chef Marcie Turney of Bindi, Lolita and Barbuzzo
Chef Guillermo Tellez of Square 1682
Chef Georges Perrier of Le Bec-Fin
Chef Michael Caspi of M Restaurant

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