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Not the Average Veggie Platter

At London Grill, Chef Michael McNally uses the freshest local vegetables and ingredients for the latest addition to the menu: the Chef’s vegetable board. Don’t be fooled—this is not a boring, predictable option added to make the menu seem more diverse. Chef McNally carefully selects ingredients to form a savory dish.

“The vegetable board is meant for a table to share, or as a hearty and satisfying entree for vegetarian guests, offering much more variety and flavor than the afterthought dishes that many chefs prepare for those who don’t eat meat or seafood,” says Chef McNally. “I’ll be scouting local farmers’ markets for peak seasonal ingredients, and as new vegetables come into season, I’ll include them to keep it of-the-moment.”

As Chef McNally will offer only the freshest of local farmer’s produce, the board selection will change daily. Recent options included grilled grape leaves with fava beans and couscous and an artichoke and orange compote.

The seasonal fare doesn’t stop there. Springtime cocktails have hit London Grill’s innovative bar. Co-owner Terry Berch has selected unusual liquors to compliment house-made mixers, including herb, fruit and spice syrups and purees.

“Throughout the year, we love to experiment with fresh, local produce and to create dishes and drinks that celebrate ingredients from our region,” says Berch, “Our whole menu is seasonally inspired, but the vegetable board and our seasonal cocktails are a real chance for the latest ‘gifts from the garden’ to shine.”

Try a Yellow Lady or a Whiskey Girl with the Chef’s vegetable board for the perfect locavore season opener.

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