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Mariposa Co-op Coming Soon

Sign up has begun!

Mariposa started its membership drive for the new Baltimore Ave. Mariposa Co-op location. The Co-op is member owned and operated. Becoming a member affords you a real stake in a store that is grounded in a belief in local, ethical food.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to walk your food talk, members also receive additional discounts on purchases that outside shoppers don’t have. However, this community-owned business is more than just a cheap way to buy groceries. Members run the co-op, meaning they have an influential vote and voice in the decision-making process.

“Membership in Mariposa is about more than getting a discount,” said Peter Collopy, convener of Mariposa’s Board of Delegates. “It’s an opportunity to share ownership of an important resource for our community.”

The new location will be five-times as large as the current Mariposa Co-op location, which means, more membership and more opportunity!

Visit the drive website to join.

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