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Maria Valetta Tries the Blue Fir Sour at Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Mixologist Al Sostak making the Blue Fir Sour (photo courtesy of Maria Valetta)

Philly Homegrown is committed to getting local food into your belly, whether you cook it yourself or you order it up at an area restaurant. In the hopes of highlighting some of the menus that are rife with homegrown ingredients, we’ve partnered with a series of Philly bloggers and have sent them out into the field, to report back on some of those locally sourced dishes.

This week, Maria Valetta of Sips, Bites and Sites took on our challenge and sallied forth into the crisp night air to try the Blue Fir Sour at the Center City speakeasy, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. She was so inspired by the tipple that she wrote her dispatch in verse.

The wind has been blowing and making us cold
Yes, the winter weather has taken its hold
The City is aglow; the Holidays are here
So we need festive drinks to ring in the New Year

Yes the weather outside is downright frightful
But there’s a place I know that’s warm and delightful
Just follow the steps down below
And booze will flow, booze will flow, booze will flow

There’s a seasonal secret cocktail– not on their list,
But Al Sostak can make it– he’s the Mixologist
Tell him “make me a Blue Fir Sour and I’ll stay”
And he will muddle, pour, dash, splash, shake and strain away

Fresh muddled apple, to soften the local, organic Bluecoat Gin,
Then lemon, honey syrup, and two dashes of bitters go in
Egg-white (not eggnog) just to give it some froth,
Then shaken and strained into a glass covered in frost

And there right before you, suddenly will appear, a fine crafted cocktail to bring you good cheer
Golden in color like the lights in Rittenhouse Square, it smells like branches of fir trees swaying in the air

The flavor is fresh, tart, boozy and a bit sweet
But be careful- one to many and you won’t feel you feet
It’s the perfect concoction to bring warmth and good cheer
Get yours right now! While winter is still here

And just in case, you get snowed in at home
Al gave me the recipe so you can make your own
Just follow it exactly– beginning to end
And most importantly be sure to share with your friends!

For more pictures from her night out at Franklin Mortgage and the recipe for the drink, click here.

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