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Meet the Makers

Who makes, grows, brews, bakes, raises and catches what you eat?

Philadelphia’s local food scene would be nothing without the people behind it.┬áIt’s their stories and varied experiences that make our cheeses, chocolates, brews and even bacon (locally cured, of course) so satisfying.

Have you ever wondered when and why that delicious Birchrun Blue came to be? Read about how Sue Miller became a cheesemaker. Or how it is that the bread from Metropolitan Bakery is so amazing? We’ve got James Barrett to thank for that!

Explore many of our local makers by clicking through buttons above. We’ll be adding more producer profiles throughout the coming months, so make sure to check back often!

Sue Miller from Birchrun Hills Farm

Fourth-generation farmer Sue Miller, her husband Ken and sons Randy and Jesse have been turning out fine artisan cheese from raw cow milk since 2006.