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Let Foodspotting Help You Pack Your Picnic Basket With Locally Sourced Prepared Foods

For the last couple of weeks, you’ve heard us excitedly talking about the Philly Homegrown guides that were added recently to Foodspotting. We’ve gushed over the Farmers’ Market guide and encouraged you to explore the area through the Local Food Stars guide. Well, believe it or not, we’ve actually saved the very best for last. The final Philly Homegrown guide is called Local Foods on the Go and is designed to illuminate the best in prepared foods from local markets.

Included in the guide are Jin-Ja from Essene (a gingery, non-alcoholic drink that is perfect of these warmer days), Lancaster pickles at Reading Terminal Market (while you’re there, swing by the Fair Food Farmstand and pick up  a wedge of local cheese for a cheese and pickle sandwich), and Bobbi’s Hummus at Almanac Market (one among many distributors for this highly habit-forming pureed bean spread).

See the full guide here and start spotting these tasty treats today!

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