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Lauren St. Clair Lynch Taste Tests Tofu Aphrodite at Caffe Galleria

Here at Philly Homegrown, we’re committed to getting local food into your belly, whether you cook it yourself or you order it up at an area restaurant. In the hopes of highlighting some of the menus that are rife with homegrown ingredients, we’ve partnered with a series of Philly bloggers and have sent them out into the field, to report back on some of those locally sourced dishes.

Back for a repeat performance as a guest blogger is Lauren St. Clair Lynch who writes the very taste site, Love to Eat and Eat to Love. Her blog’s mission is to eat every single dish on Philadelphia Magazine’s list of “239 Dishes You Must Try Now.”

Lauren has spent the last year eating her way around some of the best spots in Philly. In order to help Lauren discover something new, we set her up with a dinner at Lambertville’s Caffe Galleria.

Caffe Galleria is a favorite nook among the locals of Lambertville, with a seating area smaller than my childhood bedroom and even more coziness. And could this be anything other than the soul mate of my inner vegetarian? And it caters to my wannabe locavore tendencies? Of course it does. Look at it. Look at those vegetables. There was the perfect garlic to salt ratio to bring every flavorful broccoli molecule to the forefront of one’s tastebuds. The tofu was light and crispy, the potatoes were nicely seasoned, the mixed vegetables were savory and hearty, HOWEVER, I am going to die with the perfect memory of the euphoric clarity I experienced upon the first nibble of that broccoli.

There’s a reason for that broccoli-induced ecstasy. Caffe Galleria, owned by Dawn Raia, sources as many of their ingredients locally as possible; when winter and whatnot put a monkey wrench in the plans, Dawn opts for organic ingredients and works from there. The Tofu Aphrodite features fresh tofu, greens from Blue Moon Acres, veggies and herbs from Farmer Bob, and rice from Organic Lundberg. As a point of interest for those on the hunt for cute date ideas, Farmer Bob features allows you to pick your own strawberries in the summer. Which is especially welcome to those whose green thumbs are still in the rebellious adolescent phase, and those whose yards face bunny overpopulation.

Thanks Lauren! We’re so glad you enjoyed the meal!

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