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Fishtown’s Pizza Brain Raising Funds To Launch Pizza Museum

Fishtown-based artist, Brian Dwyer, spearheads initaitive to leverage a Guinness Book of World Records recognized collection of pizza memorabilia into a museum. (Photo courtesy: Pizza Brain)

Philadelphia’s pizza scene has been building steadily over these past few years. Sure, we’ve always had pizza mainstays like Tacconellis, Lorenzo’s and Stantucci’s, but it seems every time we turn around another pizza centric spot is popping up. We just can’t get enough of the slices coming out of pizza ovens at Zavino, Barbuzzo, Nomad Pizza, Dock Street Brewery, Slice, Blackbird…honestly our list could go on and on.

One thing we don’t have, however, is a museum dedicated to honoring those cheese and tomato laden slices…until now! Fishtown artist Brian Dywer, aka Pizza Brain, joined by a few of his pizza obsessed friends, has amassed a Guinness World Record holding 1,000-piece collection of pizza memorabilia. Dwyer and crew are now taking steps to raise funds via a Kickstarter campaign to establish the world’s first pizza museum in Fishtown.

The proposed museum would not only house the pizza archive, but would also include an artisan pizza restaurant. As of today, the Kickstarter campaign has raised about 25% of their $15,000 goal. Peep their fundraising video here.

Earlier today, Dwyer told the Huffington Post that “It’s really funny that no one’s done this before. There are already museums dedicated to a bunch of other foods: mustard, ramen noodles,” he said. “I guess the reason no one’s opened a pizza museum before is that it’s so obvious, so ubiquitous, that people don’t think about it as the special thing that it is.”

We couldn’t agree more, Pizza Brain. Good luck raising funds, and thanks for shining a much needed light on one of our favorite foods.

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