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Federal Donuts Gets Star Treatment In Wednesday’s New York Times Dining Section

S.Viggano for GPTMC

Federal Donuts, the smash hit fried chicken and donuts shop from Steven Cook, Michael Solomonov, BODHi Coffee owners Thomas Henneman and Bob Logue, and local food-and-drink expert Felicia D’Ambrosio, has officially hit the big leagues.

In today’s New York Times Dining Section, there is a big feature on the newcomer to South Philadelphia’s Pennsport neighborhood, slinging the uncommon but undeniably delicious combination of fried chicken and donuts.

The article tells of the now-legendary 10 a.m. donut sell-outs in the shop’s early months (it first opened its doors in October), concluding “There are almost never enough.” The interestingly flavored, perfectly crisped donuts are just that good.

The writer calls the mood of the shop “festive,” the donuts “world-class,” and the chicken “extraordinary.”

We would add to those flattering adjectives “freaking delicious” and “insanely addictive.”

And if you really want to test your will power, be sure to check out the great slideshow the Times did to accompany the article. Fair warning: it will make you hungry.

FYI, Federal Donuts recently launched fried chicken dinner service on weekends starting at 5 p.m., so you can now get your fix in the evenings on Saturdays and Sundays. If you get there early enough, of course.

Till the Last Doughnut and Drumstick [New York Times]

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