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Eat Local for Passover and Easter

Lines are forming around the city—the attraction? Ham. Matzo. Chopped liver. Lamb. Gefilte fish.

Philly’s favorite markets are cashing in on the popular spring holidays—Easter and Passover—to provide local, natural options for revelers.

Local co-op Weaver’s Way will have an array of all-natural options for the holidays; the nitrate-free spiral cut ham among the most mouth-watering. The Weaver’s pork products come from Wellshire Farms, an all-natural animal-friendly farm in Swedesboro, NJ. Savory lamb will also be available, but it’s best to pre-order these hot commodities.

Reading Terminal Market will be pulling out all the stops for the holiday, too—would you expect any less from this A+ establishment? Martin’s Quality Meats and Sausage has lovely ham and lamb to choose from, as well as L. Halteman Family Country Foods. Halteman’s will have natural smoked and spiral hams from nearby Lancaster County. In addition, they’ll have a limited number of locally sourced bone-in and boneless leg of lamb. Every year, Halteman’s selects a special product for the holidays—keep an eye out for that gem.

Also, if you’d like to cut out a few extra steps, you can order all-natural pork products over the phone from Country Time Farms. All Country Time products are sustainably raised and nitrate, MSG and preservative free.

As for Passover catering, several local delicacies are preparing a variety of dishes. City Line Deli on Haverford Ave. will be serving some delicious staples, like chopped liver, home-made matzo and Gefilte fish. Some of our favorite delis are still in prep mode; check in with the Famous 4th Street Delicatessen and Rachael’s Nosheri just before the holiday to preview their exciting catering options.

Klapholz’s Kosher deli in Elkins Park has a fantastic menu available—all meats, poultry and fish are antibiotic and hormone free. In addition, the Passover menu is approved by a local Rabbi. Catering packages are available, like the multi-course Seder dinner, as well as a la carte options, like beef brisket made with free-range beef. Be sure to plan ahead—the deli will be closed during Passover, save Mon. April 18.

Below is a list of excellent places to do your locavore holiday shopping:

-Klaphloz’s Kosher: 215-886-8600
-Famous 4th Street Delicatessen: 215-922-3274
-Rachels Nosheri: 215-568-9565
-Di Bruno Brothers: 215-665-9220
-The Kibitz Room: 215-735-7305
-Palace Royal: 215-677-3323
-City Line Deli: 215-473-6952
-L. Halteman Family Country Foods: 215-925-3206
-Martin’s Quality Meats and Sausage: 215-629-1193
-Fair Food Farmstand: 215-386-5211 x120
-Weaver’s Way Co-Op:
559 Carpenter Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19119, 215-843-2350
8424 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118, 215-843-2350
2129 72nd Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19138, 215-276-0706
-Country Time Farm: 610-562-2090
-Country Meadows Farm: 717-786-7761, 717-786-5067

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