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Dine Local: Love to Eat and Eat to Love Blogger Tries an Audrey Claire Classic

photo courtesy of Lauren St. Clair Lynch

Here at Philly Homegrown, we’re committed to getting local food into your belly, whether you cook it yourself or you order it up at an area restaurant. In the hopes of highlighting some of the menus that are rife with homegrown ingredients, we’ve partnered with a series of Philly bloggers and have sent them out into the field, to report back on some of those locally sourced dishes.

The first blogger is this series is Lauren St. Clair Lynch who writes the very taste site, Love to Eat and Eat to Love. Her blog’s mission is to eat every single dish on Philadelphia Magazine’s list of “239 Dishes You Must Try Now.” The list was printed in the January issue and she’s doing her darnedest to eat every single one of them before the year is out. In order to help Lauren achieve her goal, we set her up with a dinner at Audrey Claire so that she could try the Pappardelle with Portobello Mushrooms. Here’s what she had to say about eating locally and the experience she had.

Eating locally is a fun way to learn about your area. For example, the juicy, fragrant Portobello mushrooms in Audrey Claire’s famous pappardelle are grown in Kennett Square. Did you know that Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world, in addition to being the epicenter of the Greater Philadelphian polo scene? Now you do. Mushrooms, fancy hats, and acres upon acres of agrarian beauty.

Audrey Claire is a balanced dichotomy of urban style and local pride. Like an outfit worthy of the Olsen twins, each dish combines worldly sophistication with local, salt of the earth ingredients and effortless composition. And like the Olsens themselves, the restaurant is primarily composed of young women with perfectly tousled auburn hair, smudged cocoa-colored eyeliner, and a certain je ne sais quoi that torments the young men that write songs about them.

Lauren, we’re so glad to hear that it was both tasty and educational.

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