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Anthony Bourdain Says Philadelphia Could Be Next

Anthony Bourdain states Philly is on his list for an upcoming show. Photo: No Reservations via Facebook

A few months back, our friends at uwishunu.com reported that Philadelphia was finally on Anthony Bourdain’s radar as the subject of, or destination for, an episode of one of his two shows on the Travel Channel, No Reservations and The Layover. This, after Marc Vetri took to Twitter to pitch Bourdain on shooting a show in Philly.

Well, there’s an update. Anthony Bourdain and his No Reservations crew were at South By Southwest this week for a panel session about the show and during the Q&A portion, Bourdain was asked if there is somewhere he wants to do a show that he hasn’t yet. His answer: Philadelphia.

Eater has the quote:

On where [Bourdain] wants to do a show but hasn’t yet: “I’m looking to figure out a really good way to do a Philadelphia show. Haven’t done it yet. I’m still looking for a hook, you know, a way in, an angle. There always has to be something, sometimes it’s a nonsensical thing. But Philadelphia is an example of a city we’ve neglected.”

So there you have it. Anthony Bourdain is on the record saying he wants to do a show here in Philadelphia. He’s just looking for the right angle.

Perhaps you can help him out. We know Philly Homegrown readers love Philadelphia and are full of potential ideas for an episode.

Bourdain loves a good narrative. He wants to tell a story during the course of one of his hour-long episodes, one with a thematic connector that actually relates significantly to the place he’s talking about.

So what could the story be for Bourdain in Philadelphia? Our vibrant neighborhood restaurant scene? Our more-than-just-cheesesteaks star chefs? The best beer town in the country? Our killer local food growers and artisanal producers? Clearly with our food scene, sky’s the limit!

We suggest you take to Twitter or Facebook and tell Anthony yourself!

Anthony Bourdain at SXSW: Just the One-Liners [Eater via Eater Philly]

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