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A Guide to Philadelphia’s Passover Desserts

There’s certainly no shortage of flourless treats this April. Bakeries and nosheries around the city are gearing up for Passover. Historically, Passover desserts have a bad rap—we think of brick-like loaves, dinner rolls that could knock your Grandmother over with the lightest toss and chalky macaroons flavored with food coloring. Philly’s here to prove all the non-dessert believers wrong! Check out a few of our favorite places for some flourless—yet insatiably delicious—Passover treats (and even some homemade matzah!):

Homemade Goodies by Roz:

Roz keeps her kosher bakery in tip-top shape. It’s as spotless as your grandmother’s kitchen, but filled with more goodies than your grandmother could imagine. Roz makes homemade matzah, and has a to-die-for Passover menu ready. Try her delicious matzah brittle, or some flavorful macaroons. There will be plenty of chocolate, oatmeal and nut cookies, brownies and cakes to choose from, as well as some hearty staples, like knish bread and apple cake.
510 South 5th Street, Philadelphia

Four Worlds Bakery:
This delicious bread shop is a locavore hot-spot. Four Worlds has a buying club, uses local and seasonal ingredients, and sells at some of our favorite places, like Fair Food Farmstand. This Passover, Four Worlds is making homemade matzah. It’s one of the few places in the city that makes its own, so don’t delay! Be sure to call ahead to order.
4634 Woodland Avenue, Philadelphia

Metropolitan Bakery:
With five locations throughout the city, Metropolitan Bakery is an easy stop. Pickup homemade matzah in a variety of flavors for Passover. Try olive, sesame seed or plain matzah. As Metropolitan has a daily variety of breads, cakes, pastries and other treats, stop by closer to the holiday for a delicious dessert to end the holiday.
262 South 19th Street, Philadelphia
12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia
Philadelphia Free Library, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia
4013 Walnut Street, Philadelphia
8607 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia

Hymie’s Delicatessen:
The long-time deli in Merion Station is a staple in the Jewish-eatery scene. Aside from the matzah ball soup, chopped liver sandwiches and reubens, Hymie’s has a massive baked-goods selection. For Passover, choose from a variety of loaves, cakes and macaroons. Oh, and the deli will cater your entire Passover celebration—from start to finish!
342 Montgomery Ave, Merion Station

City Line Deli:
This is a classic deli, with old-school sandwich and dessert staples. For Passover, pick up their zesty matzah ball soup, made with homemade matzah. Or try a spinach or kasha knish—just two of a wide variety. As for dessert, you may be overwhelmed by the large variety! City Line has various flavors of Hamantash, as well as a local favorite: Jewish Apple Cake.
7547 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia

Viking Pastries:

Viking Pastries does everything from wedding cakes to macaroons at their kosher bakery location in Ardmore. This Passover, they’ll have several dessert staples, including a rich flourless chocolate cake and a variety of macaroons. Definitely try the almond macaroon with buttercream dipped in chocolate. Pastries are their speciality, so stock up for the holiday!
39 Cricket Ave, Ardmore

Hesh’s Éclair Bake Shoppe:
This bake shoppe has it all: loaves, sponge cakes, rolls, pastries. For Passover, the chef recommends the pound-ground sponge cake, as well as any of the tantalizing variety of macaroons—classic but delicious. Hesh’s is also serving knish breads this holiday. Try a Jewish Apple Cake or a jelly roll—the possibilities are endless!
7721 Castor Ave, Philadelphia

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